About us | Instant photo (Polaroid style)

Do you plan a wedding and would you like to surprise or bring joy to your guests? Do you think it is already unreal in Moldova? It is real!

We suggest you instant photo in polaroid style. Nobody can stay indifferent, because the delight is limitless after paper development in 1-2 minutes. Photos can be made both in a decorated photozone and in a banquet hall during wedding celebration.

By the way, we have several ideas how to decorate your wedding with the help of Polaroid:

• Organize wish book where your guests could write their wishes and add instant photos. We are sure that this book full of kind words and photos will be kept till your golden wedding:

• Decorate your wedding by instant photos. Strain a rope and pin photos with the help of clothes peg. Even in 20-30 minutes you will get fascinating garland from magic moments than will stay with you for a long time:

• Your guests are the best photographers. The camera and paper development bring a lot of pleasant emotions. Just give a camera to your guests and we guaranty a great mood to everybody:

• Banquet hall decoration: your photos can be used as wedding cake decoration or decoration of photo stand:

• Guests entertainment: you need to organize stand or rope in advance, where you pin cards with guest’s names. A guest should pin his photo instead of card during wedding party:

• Photoshoot accessory:

• Instant photos can be a prize for winners in competition or contest. It can motivate people:

Do you like the idea? We will help you with pleasure to make your wedding beautiful and unforgettable. Call us: (+373) 7999 5777

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